Thursday, June 4, 2015

German bound producer Kai Anschau releases his newest EP on Making You Dance Records in collaboration with Mallory N. The five-track EP features three original tracks, as well as two remixes, courtesy of the Danish rising star Pete Oak, and multi platinum producer George Morel.

With six Gold Records awards, two Platinum Records Awards, four Billboard Awards and one 3M Tape award, George Morel needs no introduction while he delivers a smashing remix of “Better Day”. His groove is infectious and while we listen to his remix we truly understand why so many people refer to him as one of the “Godfathers of House Music”.

While George Morel delivers his signature “Groove On” sound, Danish rising star Pete Oak dazzles us with his techno infused remix. The intensity level of his remix will definitely keep the mood going while the tension builds up minute by minute. Peak Time or After Hours? Yes, Please!


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