Wednesday, August 18, 2010

John started djing in several clubs down south in Sweden.After a couple of years he was resident of some of the biggest clubs there, then moved to the capital of Sweden and won several dj battles. He started to do his first production steps and really enjoyed making his own music. Today, have his own radioshow full supported of many superstar dj´s. He just entered the music business full time. So dj career started to take place. John de Sohn is right now in the studio making new beats. With great upcoming releases on some of the biggest names out there 2010 is predicted to be the big breakthrough for him…Time to write something about “Unleash my love”. This is his first single and already before it´s released supported by many djs. It’s cooperation with Nick Wall and Norwegian singerChristina Skaar, her vocal is just amazing and perfect! I think that everyone should listen to this track, because it’s simply great!
Unleash My Love (Original Mix)
 Unleash My Love (Original Dub)
 Unleash My Love (Radio Edit)
Unleash My Love (Alex Sayz And Alex Lamb Remix)
Unleash My Love (JP Serano And Filip Jenven Remix)
 Unleash My Love (Alaa Remix)
Unleash My Love (Andy Harding Remix)
Preview Original Mix:


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