Tuesday, August 3, 2010

D Davis Having started his artistic solo career with Bonzai Records, J D Davis is now an internationally renowned DJ and vocalist, collaborating with the likes of David Guetta and Trevor Jackson.JD Davis has known success throughout his career, lending his Voice and songwriting abilities to titles such as Dave Davis (Transfiguration) 1996, JD DAVIS (Disco salsa) 2000, SINEMA (In my eyes) 2002, CHAB & JD DAVIS (Closer to me) 2005, DAVID GUETTA & JDDAVIS (The World Is Mine and In Love With Myself) and in addition to that he has never stopped mixing and playing on all five continents. He was notably elected Best International Artist at the “Dance Music Awards 2006″ in Kiev (Ukraine).Known for both his qualities as a DJ (Most remarkably for his Sound-Technique) and for his Vocal signature, the private JD DAVIS is in constant activity. Musically, he shares his time between his two passions: studio collaborations, with artists such as Chab, Antoine Clamaran, Joachim Garraud, David Guetta, Kiko,Sinema, Playgroup ( Trevor Jackson) Tocadisco and Junior Jack, and his live performances. Crowds party to his electro-groovy-house sets, where the music and sounds are ceaselessly renewed, and during which he sings – interpreting live his own Hits! JD DAVIS is unique in this, as he opens the crowds at his Live Performances to new horizons — The concept of DJ-VOCALIST is BORN!


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