Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Javi Bora started his dj career in Majorca (Spain) around 2000. During the first years he played in the best Majorca’s clubs and parties (Sala Fonica, Pacha, BCM, Lokita, Underclub, You Make Me, Titos in…) and he had dj residences with a range of promoters and in different clubs (Pacha, Gallery Club, Delirium…).In 2005 he secured his first dj residence in one of the most important clubs in Ibiza (Penelope Ibiza), with the promoter Just Scandal. In 2005 he also started playing sessions in cities such as Paris and Barcelona.In 2006 his dj residence with Just Scandal moves to Babylon Ibiza and in the same year he played in several emblematic clubs in Ibiza (Pacha and Space), besides playing in several occasions for the promoter Silicon in Privilege Ibiza. At the end of summer 2006 he has dj residence with the promoter Line Up (Paris) playing at its parties in Red Light and Vinyl Club, he also worked for the agency Louves Blanches of Paris and obtains a monthly residence in Copenhagen with the promoter French Or Gasme.In 2007 in Ibiza, Javi Bora has monthly sessions in Privilege Ibiza with the label Silicon, and also plays in several prestigious clubs (Noctambula and Soap) and in private parties. In Majorca he works as a dj resident in Level for one of the strongest worldwide labels; Monza Ibiza, working alongside a number of the most popular djs in electronic music in the world.In 2008 he has regular sessions in Space Ibiza working in the party Goa and Gimmick working alongside major figures of the electronic music. Also he maintains a fixed residence with Ibiza new label, Xtrm Ibiza, playing in Pacha Ibiza. In addition to the residences and regular acts in Ibiza, during summer 2008 he also plays in Grial Ibiza and Lolas Ibiza. In Majorca he works as a resident dj in the popular Level Club. 



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