Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bass (noun): the beautiful low end frequencies which act as the chest-pumping mechanism in Dance Music (see: ‘Rave Radio’).
Shredding bass line? Check. 
Soaring vocals? Check. 
Award-winning, self-produced, sleek dance tracks which slice through the dance music horde today? 
.It’s no wonder that the rapid success of Gold Coast outfit Rave Radio is only continuing to escalate. The Gold Coast DJs, with a force to be reckoned with, consist of James Todman and Brett Allen, who began their collaboration in 2007. Both individuals have established themselves as popular resident DJs at the Gold Coast’s largest entertainment venue, Melba’s On The Park, and were recently awarded runner-up in Radio Metro’s Makin’ Music Competition for their song ‘Only Chance’. At such a young age, one can only admire the entrepreneurial endeavours of the two lads, who also run their own independent label Midnite Music, which acts as the outlet for the first official release of ‘Only Chance’. The track, which features stunning vocals from Sherridan Leigh, sets the standard high for the releases yet to come. The sky’s the limit for these multi-talented boys, and there’s no telling where their empire will take them in the years to come.

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