Wednesday, August 18, 2010

If you’ve been anywhere near a club or festival recently, the name Denzal Park will ring more than a few bells. In only two short years, Denzal Park, comprised of Australian house music stalwart Kam Denny and newcomer Paul Zala, has become one of the leading lights of the Australian club scene. The boys’ arrival was announced in emphatic fashion with a bootleg remix of Ce Ce Peniston’s hitFinally. Originally constructed simply for use in Denzal Park’s DJ sets, the remix spread like wildfire. Swiftly becoming a club favourite, Finally climbed to the top of various club charts worldwide, and reached the coveted 1 spot on Beatport.But past laurels such as these are not for resting upon, and Denzal Park continually strive to create, produce, and remix quality club music. Signed to Australia’s leading dance music label Neon Records, the duo have achieved enviable success on their home turf and abroad. The recent success of Filter Freak and Ascension are but a taste of what’s to come from this talented duo.
Denzal Park - Ascension - Christian Luke Remix
Denzal Park - Ascension - Kam Denny's Bounce Remode
Denzal Park - Ascension - Marco Demark & Dave Manna Remix
Denzal Park - Ascension - Zala's House Remode
Denzal Park - Ascension - Original Mix
Preview Original Mix:


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