Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Andrey is an author of some of the factory presets to one of the most popular dance music synthesizers – Access Virus (SNOW version). Besides participation in Virus presets production, Andrey is a beta tester for STEINBERG (CUBASE creators, NO COMMENTS). In autumn 2008 he participates in organization and becomes a co-owner of British lable “HARDPHAZE PRODUCTIONS”, producing and releasing ELECTRO, TECHNO and MINIMAL. Apart from many young producers willing to release their works at HARDPHAZE, the label has been supported by Will Bailey, Electriqa and Mike Harris. Miles Dyson has expressed an interest in cooperation with HARDPHAZE after the completion of his world tour. Andrey is an author of several technical articles for young producers, published at leading Ukrainian DJ magazine - DJ.AM. 
ANDI VAX was awarded as “Best New Producer of 2008” from KISS FM DANCE RADIO. Attending “ANDI VAX” live perfomance that involves hardware and guitar creates an outstanding impression on the audience! Andrey use his guitar for playing synth sequences, solos and effects live.
Andi Vax feat Ira Champion - Universe (Darren G Remix)
Andi Vax feat Ira Champion - Universe (Dub Mix)
Andi Vax feat Ira Champion - Universe (Original Mix)


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