Thursday, July 22, 2010

In the 90’s fans of electronic music often had to party literally underground: Abandoned factory basements or empty subway shafts were the scene of the most exciting, and illegal, techno events. Anyone who wants to bringback the feeling of those times should be right into “Could Crush” from production duo “Homm & Popviciu. From the first track, “Crush“ spreads just the right mix of nervousness and tense, fidgety anticipation: Pulsating beats seem to lead you to a secret location, before a dark voice announces your arrival into rhythm nirvana. With “Hank“ the sweaty mass of dancers will reach the climax of their beat induced trance, before “Yaca“ eventually allows them to change tempo and take a breather that penetrates deep down to the bone. “Could Crush” is typical of the Romanian-German duo Homm & Popoviciu, made up of experienced producers Markus Homm and Mihai Popoviciu: Tracks with a light ‘easy-going’ atmosphere building the way towards hypnotic and concentrated pressure. Minimal purism meets the dirty Detroit sound. “Could Crush”? With Homm & Popoviciu, it may just do that!
Homm & Popoviciu - Crush (Original Mix)
Homm & Popoviciu - Hank (Original Mix)
Homm & Popoviciu - Yaca (Original Mix)


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