Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fatal Music is known for its massive tribal house releases and here we have another great package.Shuffle Progression is an artist project from Portugal by Paulo Leite and Fernando Campos. The purpose of Shuffle Progression is to create new themes in an eclectic way, with styles ranging from progressive house to chill out and passing by others, such as deep house, lounge and/or break beat, showcasing not only the their talents, but also their different musical influences and musical culture.The original mixes of Afrodance has been released on Stereo Productions and Fatal Music now bring the remixes, 7 to be precise. Mystic, deep and sexy are the words that best describe this package. Every mix has his own identity but they all share that tribal house vibe, whether it is the ethnic chant, deep & dark groove or the African rhythm.There is a mix for everyone as together the tracks cover many sub-styles within the house genre. Jaimy and Akisy take the deeper, progressive house route, where Paulo Leite, Funky-F and P Carrilho have taken a direction towards modern tech house. The Juce Remix touches progressive trance and Flip De Riviera is about that popular dirty house sound.Put on your dancing shoes and get into this twentyten tribal sound of Afrodance
1. (00:07:42) Shuffle Progression – Afrodance – Jaimy Remix
2. (00:07:35) Shuffle Progression – Afrodance – Akisy Introduction Mix
3. (00:06:13) Shuffle Progression – Afrodance – Paulo Leite & Lilas & Mikael Reis & D.G.X. Mix
4. (00:07:27) Shuffle Progression – Afrodance – Funky-F Project & DJ Paulo Leite Remix
5. (00:05:55) Shuffle Progression – Afrodance – P Carrilho Remix
6. (00:08:02) Shuffle Progression – Afrodance – Juce Remix
7. (00:06:39) Shuffle Progression – Afrodance – Flip De Riviera Remix


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