Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sergio starts his carrier as a dj at the Charlie Brown historical club in Villapiana Lido on the Jonica coast in the south of Italy. His long experience would bring him to play in the most exclusive clubs over the whole italian peninsula.Sergio approaches music in the afro-funky period at the end of the seventies and he will be influenced by those sounds in his performances, transmitting such vibrations to all youngsters who will listen to him through the decennias, but also to the upcoming djs he would grow up!!!In 1997 he starts to produce.In 2000 he meets Cico Cicognani, bass player of the Jestofunk, the result will be the publishing of an EP called Latin Lovers in Canada and in the USA.The year after he begins to work with Gianni Di Benedetto (former Joy Salinas musician) and together with vocalist Simon Papa they write "Tatuagem",which is the first single of his solo project called "Sergio D'Angelo".In 2010 collabored with Gabry Ponte (former Eifeil 65) and Cristian Marchi made the single "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" sung from Andrea Love and supported from the video clip transmitted from the best italian chanel (MTV-MATCH MUSIC-DEEJAYTV-FOXTV),the single arrived in the first place of all italian charts  and taken in licence from the prestigious french tag of Antoine Clamaran (Pool and Music )Will be release in 2010 the new single of Sergio in collaboration  with the legendary " Solomon Burke , “The King of Soul” autor of "Everyboby needs Somebody To Love" “The Blues Brothers” became famous  forthis the movie sountrack .The cd contain also the remix of Chris Ortega and Massimo Santucci .



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