Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chris Lawyer was in the age of 14, when he payed more attention about music.In 2006 he wrote his first track "We Gonna Feel It" (with Dj Thomy). The track became a hit all over Europe and Chris wasn't 18! The track have been came out more than 20 times, it was in the top 100 of Beatport's House Chart and radios around Europe were play it and still play it. It had been the top 1 in Greece, Cyprus, Macedonia the Former of Yugoslav and it was Turkey's numer one for 16 weeks and had been in the top 3 for motnhs. The track have been supported by most of the Number 1 Djs all around the world (Bob Sinclar, Roger Sanchez, David Vendetta, Alex Gaudino, Chris Montana, Til West, Gadjo). The second track was "Shine On Me" also were in the Beatport's House Chart top 100 (19) and reached the Macedonian, Greek and Turkish radios 1st place. In 2008 the Consoul Trainin Remix of "We Gonna Feel It" was rocking the dancefloors, with vocals from the greek singer Giorgio Sopidi. Chris Lawyer and Thomy was touring the European clubs and have played with René Amesz, Alex Keni, Milk and Sugar, Chocolate Puma Tommyboy and Consoul Trainin. This year Chris Lawyer, Thomy and Consoul Trainin remixed Turkey's best hit Hüseyin Karadayi feat. Ferhat Göcer and Funky C- Yalan. The remix has been supported althrough Turkey and clubs still play it! In 2009 Chris Lawyer and Thomy remixed Dragon S "Get Funky" the remix have been headed into Juno Downloads Top 3. In this year Pornostar Records made the "We Gonna Feel It" Remix Contest 09. More than 150 Remixes have arrived for the Contest from every place of the world and the winners had been released worldwide. In this year Chris and Thomy came back with their "Fight (For Your Love)" with remixes from Agent Greg and Consoul Trainin with vocals from Palej Niki.

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