Sunday, May 23, 2010

Their first two singles became a hudge dance hits in their country. It was also played by many famous DJ’s outside Poland even if wasn’t already released on foreign areas. Their first single nu limit was fitred funky house with very specific sound of samples. The second - Hi-Fi – electro house monster is played from in almost all Polish broadcasting stations and it was top placed on almost all charts, als commercial. New 12” Hi-Fi Superstar is available on vinyl together with “Everybody Electro” song of Automator (Mafia Mike and Adamus alterego) and NU LIMIT - WAWA rmx (polish producers released by Fresh Fruit, Fluential andDefected Records). There was also Hi Fi Remixes CD released with remixes of such artists as: Alex Romano,Tom Watts, Max Farenihe vs Hubertuse, Forseco, peshoetc. Both of Wet Fingers founders are frequently playing in Polish and foregin clubs.



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