Thursday, May 27, 2010

He has been a leading figure in the electronic music scene for more than a decade, setting new standards in production, as so many music lovers have had the pleasure of witnessing. His DJ sets are no less remarkable, surround sound experiences for countless clubbers. So why are we casting a glance back to the apparently unremarkable place where it all began? Because this is the starting point for Moguai the artist's continuing journey across the globe. Welcome to the kinetic highway.
Put it another way: there are more ways than one from A to B. Sometimes the road leads via X and P... or possibly M.
M for Marl it is then, a fantastic point of departure in the late 80s and early 90s in terms of musical activity and the world at large. Punk and skater hardcore dominated the scene, with techno and electro storms gathering momentum even before the Berlin Wall fell. Here in the Ruhr area, Moguai tapped into the energy streaming through the region and got closer to the music. The road from Marl to Dusseldorf is a short one, the latter having already left its mark on the musical map some years before when Kraftwerk drew up the blueprint for a whole cosmos of electronic sounds.

Short preview ( Lo-Fi – 128 kbps ):

Download + Alternative links:
Moguai-PunX Up The Volume (SSL)-SAT-27-05-2010

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