Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mark Knight
The embodiment of the modern DJ, Mark Knight’s legacy already ranks him as a leading player in dance music culture’s evolution into the digital and globalised age. His high octane sets, which treble and bass their way right across the dance music spectrum, have caused dance floor carnage in every corner of the world, whilst his original productions and slick remixes make his studio skills the most in-demand and sought after in the business.

Ramon Tapia 
Ramon Tapia alias El Carlitto, son of a Chilenean musician who had to run from his home country as he stood up against the regime, and a Dutch woman who was brave enough to fall in love, is a funny character, a very ambitious one: No one would have guessed he, the young jeweler working behind the counter of an Antwerp record shop, would one day release records on labels as renowned as Great Stuff, Craft Music,Turbo Rec, Abe Duque Rec, Corachi!, Pocket, Yellow Tail and Equator, just to name a few. But he does! And he does not stop there! With remixes for Butch & Amir and Özgür Can under his belt, things are looking more than good for the energetic player.
With a happy past in gabba and Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones roots, Ramon has a firm understanding of diversity and a very broad taste in music, readily amplified by his open mind and soul. His Latin background and his Dutch upbringing perfectly explain his cultural curiosity and his deep rooted sense for groove and rhythm. Shimmering through in his intrinsic productions is his love for structural buildups and breakdowns and harmonies which underlay the driving beats.

Short preview ( Lo-Fi – 128 kbps ):

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