Friday, May 28, 2010

After their more then succesfull Walk On EPreleased back in march, swiss combo Helvetic Nerdsstrike back again on their parent Unreleased Digital.
Mistaken Identity is the name of their smashin new single, available in Original version and Tribal Sucker remix interpretation.
Following tendencies in contemporary progressive house sounding, Original Mix is a pure heavyweighter. Rolling and agressive synth, pumping and driving rhythm, drum fiercely kicking from all sides not letting you find your way out - that is what creates a real monster out of this one. Tribal Sucker Mix version, while keeping the main melody and rhythm, delivers not so agressive and clubby drum, but more of a Helvetic unique - "tribalistic" one. This is what are these guys best known for.
Are u seraching for a sure receipt to make some serious dance floor damage this weekend?

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MWave 728x90


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