Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's rare to find a DJ in these days so amusing and entertaining.
The number 5 must be the big mans lucky number, because after 5 stronge years of great success, rush still put smiles on many faces around europe, from East to west, North to South.
Thoughout my Career, i've heard many people say, Hard energy will never last and this style is just a hype with no feelings..... Ha Ha Ha BUT THEN THERE'S RUSH..
Stomping through Club Land, entertaining people with his crazy way of life and diverse styles of music, from Hard Energy, Disco, house, 60's to whatever makes him feel good, turning all this into one big melting pot of Hard dance.
Rush has Conquered so many areas during his career, from Small to big clubs, many festivals, such as SMS, NATURE ONE, SUMMER SAFARI, MONEGROS and AWAKENINGS just to name a few, to having his own festival MYSTERY WONDERLAND with his manager Tina and friends. 

Josh Wink 
Josh Wink’s Ovum imprint, since its beginnings in 1994, has seen releases from Loco Dice, Shlomi Aber, Marc Romboy, DJ Pierre, Aaron Carl, King Britt, Steve Bug, D’Julz and of course his own productions. It still continues to grow by both introducing new talents and releasing one-offs from some of the world’s best known producers. “Ovum is about integrity to good music! We feel that we don’t have to follow the music that is trendy or fad-like at the moment.”
As a DJ, since his 1988 ‘rave’ beginnings, Josh Wink extensively traveled the globe since 1995 – playing every festival that counts, through to the smallest and underground venues around the globe. “The Best DJ experience is being able to create an audio atmosphere where an audience can absorb from me, while I get absorbed from them.” His only residency in the world is held in his hometown of Philadelphia at Fluid.
Taking trends, making trends and breaking trends, Josh Wink’s music (under its many monikers including Wink, Winc, Winks, Winx, The Crusher, E-Culture, and Size 9, Accent, Dinky Dog, J Dawg and The Crusher) has always experimented and influenced. The sound of Josh Wink today remains one of a man unafraid to walk the border between stylistic boundaries. 

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