Monday, May 24, 2010

Dan Curtin’s fascination with music was sparked when he discovered East Coast hip-hop while still in primary school. Hip-hop, along with new wave, electro, and other sonic innovations of the Eighties began to loom large in his life, and it was only a matter of time before Curtin began experimenting with music creation himself. When he finally heard the futuristic sounds of house and techno, everything changed and music production became Curtin's primary focus from his home studio in Cleveland, OH. Cleveland, a city not known as a hub for electronic music creation, was initially isolating. However, Curtin was able to observe the more prominent scenes of other cities like Detroit and Chicago without becoming part of or identified with any one of them. He began designing a new sound in techno and house music.Curtin's first few records were released on Detroit's 33 RPM Records and Belgium's Buzz Records. Shortly thereafter, he started his own label, Metamorphic Recordings. Dancers and listeners alike began to take notice of his innovative sound signature, and before long Dan Curtin found himself being hailed as a key player in techno and house music. With his profile on the rise, he eventually caught the attention of labels diverse as New York's legendary Strictly Rhythm, and England's Peacefrog Records.

Miss Jools officially launched her career in the music industry in 1995 after a series of DJ gigs around London landed her a radio spot on London’s underground radio station, “Girls FM.” Miss Jools was able to freely exercise her musical tastes and choices twice a week on the radio show: her hand-picked vinyl selections were inspired by assorted techno and house pioneers of the early nineties. With an ear for flourishing technological advancements, flowing trends, and ongoing changes in the electronic music scene, her career began to amplify to extraordinary heights.

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